How to Deal with Loneliness: A Guide to Getting Yourself 0ut of The Rut

June 18, 2021

Loneliness can be very miserable at time. It makes you feel sad and depressed. It takes away your hope. You see, we humans are wired in a way that makes us enjoy relationships and doing some meaningful work. In fact, being in relationships and living in group was a survival mechanism that we inherited from our gene, from our ancestors. So, when we find us ourself being alone and lack meaningful relationships and not engaged in meaningful work, that makes us feel lonely. Loneliness is a common source of stress in city dwellers and it is growing up with the advent of technology. Even when you are living in the middle of people, you may find yourself lonely.

What is loneliness?

Loneliness can be a subjective feeling when a person is without a relationship or not having enough relationships. Good relationships have two characteristics. A good relationship should last longer than a couple of days and it should give meaningful interaction and fulfilment to the person. Loneliness does not always mean that you have a painful or grief consuming feeling for being alone. It is a feeling that can occur in people even in day-to-day life. Loneliness can be there even if you are with another person because it is not meaningful and trustworthy. When you are alone, feeling of loneliness becomes much stronger. In that case you may feel sad and depressed. Is loneliness unavoidable? Loneliness is not an unavoidable feeling.

Why do we feel lonely?

We are naturally drawn to the company of other people, and during the process of evolution, it helped to ensure the survival of our species, so as we are evolving, we need to be in relationship with other people. But sometimes, to manage this, as it is quite a natural process, we lose the natural spark in our friendship. Now we are more aware of our being alone, and we are looking for ourself in various wrong place. So, it is like you are looking at your car in front of your house, and suddenly that car starts to disappear from your vision. Your ego becomes numb and you do not understand how you reached that point in your life. What can you do if you feel lonely? Try to understand the root of the problem. Realize that it is a normal human condition.

The types of loneliness

Loneliness can occur at various levels. The level of loneliness is depending upon the following factors:

Environmental: If you are not exposed to others, so that it affects you, then you are stuck with your selfish world. You become selfish by you being alone. If you are lonely if you are not seeing people, talking with them, and creating a network of relationships. If you are lonely, you tend to move away from others and that creates distance between you and others. People who are isolated tend to have shorter life expectancy and are less happy.

Social Network: When you are alone and having social networks that makes you feel of not being valued or supported. That creates a bad emotional state. Those people who are lonely become embittered towards life. The consequences of loneliness We humans are social creatures. We need people around us. Many people who are living in the middle of city have difficulties with social interaction. This kind of alienation makes you feel lonely. At the same time, you may feel so helpless, sad, and angry that you are losing everything you had at the time. Loneliness is one of the major health risks that everybody must know about. And if you are suffering from the problem, then you must take necessary steps to overcome the condition. You must understand that loneliness is not some psychological problem that you will get cured with your good thoughts. It is a real condition that you must cure. One of the best ways to do that is with help of people in the physical world.

How to deal with loneliness

Get out there. We all need to connect with others, to have new friends. Make new connections through meetup groups and clubs. You might like clubs and societies for work, education, sports, political or other interests. Take time out for yourself. Do something you enjoy. Go on holiday with your partner, children, friends, or family or explore the world on your own. There is nothing like a holiday with somebody. Yes, you will miss your partner and children when you try to explore the world by yourself, but the peace, quiet and rest you will get will compensate. Take time out for yourself, you know you will always feel better for it. Lonely people are often people work alone, independently. so, take your free time and become a volunteer in the community. Make a difference to your community. This will compensate for your feeling of loneliness of working alone.


In this article we have discussed two types of loneliness and how to overcome it. Now you can easily tell that loneliness is not the devil but a part of human condition. People get lonely for a variety of reasons and you will encounter them at different time. We live in times when internet is everywhere, you can always stay connected with friends and family even when you are far. The family, so called pure relationship has a very crucial place in society and one needs to learn to communicate with family and other people. If you still not know how to deal with loneliness then do read this article. It will help you. If you liked reading the article, give it your close attention. Share it with your friends and family. Let us know your views on this.