What is Counselling and Why is it Important?

June 16, 2021

Feeling ups and downs is a part of life experience. You may be happy at times and sad at other times. However, if you been having negative emotions such as sad, low, anxious etc for some time and that has been impacting your day to day activities as well as your sleep and appetite and relationship with others you need counselling. Counselling helps you to explore your deep feelings and thoughts and help you get feel better. It. helps you get a bigger perspective of life and start living meaningfull life. Trained counsellor can help you explore your vulnerabilities and insecurities and help yo

What is counselling?

Counselling is the process of helping people with their emotional, mental and psychological problems. It involves diagnosis of problems, communication of concerns, coordination of goals and decisions and implementation. People with personal problems, and people suffering from mental disorders such as panic attacks, depression, anxiety etc may benefit from counseling. Why is it important? Counselling and psychotherapy are considered a mainstream medical treatment for mental disorders. Counselling helps in identifying and relieving problems that result from the dysfunction of the brain that is caused by mental disorders such as anxiety, depression, personality disorders and eating disorders. How to hire a counselor? It is very important to choose the right counselor for yourself.

What does counselling do?

Counselling helps you to gain self-awareness, how your thinking affects your emotions, and creates the basis for an improved and balanced life. Counselling helps you develop coping skills for stressful situations. This enables you to find solutions to problems instead of allowing problems to dictate your life. Many people spend a lot of time seeking external solutions when they should first go back to the centre and seek help within themselves. A good counsellor helps you see things as they are and understand that every person is special and the solutions are always within yourself. As you progress, your counsellor will help you to develop coping skills for daily life situations.

When to seek counselling?

If you are sad, anxious or depressed or you feel constantly fighting your feelings, it is high time that you consult a counsellor to explore your emotional stress. Counselling helps you understand your reactions to situations and feelings. It can help you explore a lot of your emotional baggage and help you release the tension that is building up inside you. The counsellor can also help you work towards ending unhealthy relationships and relationships that are causing a lot of psychological suffering in your life. If you feel you are not getting the proper attention from your partner or your relatives, it is a good idea to seek professional help. Counselling can be beneficial in all walks of life – social, professional and personal.

What to expect from counselling?

A qualified counselor will try to understand your emotions and give you ways to deal with them. They also suggest you to make lifestyle changes to deal with your feelings. For example, if you are sad and depressed and unable to cope with it, then you may go for hypnotherapy and get a solution to this. An important advice is that if you are going for therapy alone, you need to attend sessions as frequently as possible to get the best results. Functions of Counselling Here are some functions of counselling. Practical Counselling – it helps you to understand how you could have chosen a path that can help you achieve your goals. Personal Counselling – counselling helps you to deal with your weaknesses and enhance your strengths to deal with life effectively.


Counselling helps to overcome your conflicts and achieve personal goals. Here are some benefits of therapy, it is a good idea to pursue this as it can be of help to you as well as your loved ones.

Dr Kishor